Frequently Asked Questions

Art Questions

Can you prepare my artwork?

Yes. When you choose us to render art services, a per-hour charge is made. The minimum charge is $60.00 per hour for graphic services. Total charges are estimated prior to producing your order.

Assignments requiring extensive detailing, line work or creation of original graphics including logos, corporate identification, conceptual renderings or photographs converted to line art are quoted prior to acceptance of your order.

Unless otherwise arranged prior to production, all artwork rendered for your order remains the property of our art department and is maintained at our company for our exclusive use in executing your orders.

Are there fees if I set up my artwork?

Camera-ready art is best. Art preparation fees may apply otherwise, depending on the quality of the art submitted. All (add)AGA digitized files for embroidery are the property of Alpine Graphic Apparel Inc., and will be maintained at our company for our exclusive use in executing your orders. If you would like a copy of your file, you must make your request when your order is placed and pay the greater of $100.00 or twice the digitizing fee. Electronic art such as jpeg, .eps and bitmap files are welcomed and may be sent via email.

What kind of art file do I need?

Art must be submitted as an .eps file created in art software packages such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator for promotional products and screen printing. JPEG files are acceptable for creating embroidery stitch files. Artistic though they may be, doodles, napkin sketches, and rough pencil drawings are not camera ready and, therefore, can’t be used. We can convert these doodles for a small art fee.

Do you provide proofs?

Paper and email proofs are available for a small charge. For other questions about samples, please contact our sales office.

Will I have a chance to approve my artwork?

Yes. Prior to printing or embroidering, you must approve all artwork. Changes made at your request are subject to an editing for additional work.

What if I have copy changes?

Copy changes are subject to additional art and preparation charges where appropriate.

Do you have standard colors?

All standard and pastel colors are available for screen-printing and embroidery. Custom colors and PMS colors for screen-printing are available. We will match colors as closely as possible, but due to the nature of thread, ink pigments, dye colors, and fabric characteristics, we cannot guarantee exact colors or tint. Some ink or thread matches are subject to surcharge.